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The Local Area

Elsinore – Home of Hamlet – a cultural city with attractions for the entire family.

A 40 minute train ride from the center of Copenhagen you will find Elsinore – Home of Hamlet.

Elsinore is a culture city with deep roots in history and the maritime. World famous for Kronborg Castle,  one of Northern Europe’s most important renaissance castles and a UNESCO site, the city has undergone a transformation from an industrial city with a shipyard to a culture city with a ‘Culture Harbor Kronborg’ consisting of Kronborg, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark and The Culture Yard – a center with concerts, theater and library. Events and festivals take place all year and draw crowds from Denmark and abroad.

The Danish Riviera

Elsinore is situated in North Sealand – often referred to as the Danish Riviera. The area is filled with world-class attractions, lovely beaches, cycling routes and fishing villages.

Elsinore’s transformation was celebrated by the New York Times in an article on the city’s renaissance.


– New York Times

Elsinore is filled with events and festivals all year

From history and music festivals to market days and Shakespeare plays. Elsinore has a rich cultural life.

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Historic Elsinore

Narrow cobblestoned streets and a rich cultural heritage await you in Elsinore.

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For children

Elsinore and North Sealand have lots of activities for children – from water activities and playing a knight to experiencing country life as it was in the old days.

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Elsinore and North Sealand

North Sealand is filled with lovely beaches, small fishing villages and world-class attractions.

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