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Welcome to M/S Shop

M/S Shop is versatile. Here old meets new, tradition meets innovation, and one-of-a-kind meets mainstream. Our range includes interior design, applied arts, books, jewellery, tea & coffee, scents and beauty products, toys, and fashion from both Danish and international brands to fit any budget.

Our products relate to the museum’s exhibitions but also interpret the sailor and the maritime life in a contemporary context.

In M/S Shop we lead Armor Lux, who has developed a special sweater for the museum.

The museum has published a number of books that can be purchased in the shop. We have a variety of books about maritime and architecture and design from among others Taschen.

It is free to visit the museum shop.

If you have any inquireries you are welcome to contact us via e-mail cargo@mfs.dk.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Practical info

Good to know before your visit.

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The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark.

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The Local Area

Elsinore – a cultural city for the entire family.

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