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The prize-winning museum

The museum has received a number of international awards and tributes since its opening in 2013.

In 2014 the museum was listed as one of The New York Times’ recommended ‘52 places to go in 2014’ and voted the best cultural building worldwide by archdaily.com – the world’s most visited architecture website. In October 2014, BBC made a list of the 8 greatest new museums in the world which featured Maritime Museum of Denmark. In January 2015, National Geographic listed 10 structures that is recommended travelling to for the design alone, and the Maritime Museum of Denmark was one of them.

“A cutting edge cultural venue”

-New York Times


“One of 10 museums to travel to for their stunning structures”

-National Geographic

The architecture

Experience a piece of iconic architecture built below ground around an old dry dock in front of Kronborg Castle.

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One hundred years old and a brand new museum.

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The Local Area

Elsinore – a cultural city for the entire family.

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