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 Welcome to M/S Café

The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark. Through the panoramic windows you will see a unique view of Elsinore’s historic dry dock and BIG’s spectacular architecture.

You will find the cafe when you are halfway through the museum or down the big café stairs.



In the summer, the outdoor dock is transformed into an “underground” terrace, where you can enjoy the food and the ambience and literally feel the history of the place where the Danish ships have been kept alive for a century.

Packed food and drink must not be enjoyed in the café.


M/S Café opens at 11am and closes half an hour before the museum closes.

Direct access to M/S Café down the dock stairs.


Create your own lunch from Grøndal’s selection of tinned fish. Grøndal’s tinned fish are prepared without any use of machinery. All fish have been caught sustainably, without bycatch or environmental damage.
Choose your Grøndal’s tinned fish and a side dish. We recommend you use the oil from the tinned fish in your dish.

We also serve “smørrebrød”, fish cakes, several kinds of herring, vegetarian dishes and children’s dishes…

See the whole menu

Booking and reservations

You can make a reservation at the café by sending an email to cafe@mfs.dk. M/S Café can also be booked for private receptions or meetings. For info contact the booking department at booking@mfs.dk or +45 4928 0214.

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