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Welcome to M/S Shop

Our shop wass nominated as ‘Best Shop Of The Year’ by Leading Culture Destinations. 

During the opening hours of the museum there is always free access to the shop.

We take our precautions, so we don’t accept cash.

The shop is the first thing you meet when entering the museum. As in the rest of the museum, the floor in the shop is gently sloping.

Our display shelfs, designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, are suspended from the ceiling to upgrade the usual display tables and to match the sensory feeling of the museum.

The selection in the shop is hand-picked and has roots in the museum’s DNA. We collaborate with renowned Danish and international designers and suppliers, which have led to a number of unique products designed for the museum. Several of them are designed to extend the museum experience – among other things, a dream ship kit so you can build your own dream ship at home.

A membership to the museum gives a 10% discount on all purchases in the museum shop on all items that are not already discounted.

All proceeds from the museum shop go directly to support the museum’s many activities: exhibitions, maintenance, guided tours, teaching, etc.

In our webshop you can buy of the two memberships to the museum, gift cards and gift cards for entrance tickets.
Please note that the shipping time is up to 5 days.

If you have any questions about the store, please contact shop@mfs.dk

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We have relaunched a 50 year old knit sweater in collaboration with the traditional knitwear company S.N.S. HERNING. The sailor sweater for women with ties was produced in the early 70s, but since then both the model and the drawings for the design have been forgotten. The redesigned model has been made more feminine and is produced in the finest merino wool.

The sweater is available in a limited number in three colors; off-white, camel and navy.

Armor Lux x M/S

We have designed a special M/S sweatshirt in collaboration with the internationally renowned brand Armor Lux.

The sweatshirt is made in France and is 100% cotton.


In the shop you can find knitwear from some of the leading brands such as Andersen-Andersen, Armor Lux, S.N.S. Herning, and Klitmøller. All of the knitwear has a reference to Danish maritime traditions and craftsmanship.

M/S merchandise

You can get unique M/S merchandise. Discover our selection of bags, note books, keychains etc.

Photo by soSouvenir.

“I refuse to sink”

This collection consisting of leather pouches, clutches, key chains, pencil cases and card holder is designed by the museum in collaboration with soSouvenir.

The products are made from leather scraps that would otherwise be discarded. The leather is naturally tanned making product unique.

Photo by soSouvenir.


M/S Scarf

These soft scarves are made of 90% wool and 10% silk

The designs portray two of the museum’s architectural attractions; the auditorium and BIG dock stairs.

The scarves measure 180 x 95 cm.

Photo by soSouvenir.

Meyer Lavigne x M/S

We have designed a series of handmade ceramic cups and bowls in collaboration with the Danish brand Meyer Lavigne. 

The motif is inspired by the ocean around Elsinore.

Studio Arhoj x M/S

The Bolt Vase is designed in collaboration with Studio Arhoj, and is inspired by industrial maritime docks and the rustic charm of aged nautical mechanics; nuts, screws and ship machine parts. The vase is hand thrown and glazed in their Copenhagen studio. The vases are also placed on the café tables.

Practical info

Good to know before your visit.

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The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark. We focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and dishes with a Nordic twist. We serve, among other food, homemade Danish open-faced sandwiches, vegan dishes, fish cakes and sustainable tinned fish.

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The Local Area

Elsinore – a cultural city for the entire family.

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