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Fashion & the Sea

The exhibition

Sailor collars, stripes and uniforms. Ships, waves and sexy sailors. The sea and seafearing have always been one of fashion’s greatest sources of inspiration. This special chapter in history is the focal point of our next exhibition ‘OCEANISTA – Fashion & the Sea’.

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Caught in the knit!

For designer Laura Dalgaard, knit is a language that is able to communicate narratives, emotions and moods. With the sweater ’Caught in the Knit’, the story unfolds between the sky and the sea. A fantasy in yarn about everything you might catch in the big fish net: Fish, buoys, ocean waste and a single lobster. But the knitting techniques tell their own stories as well. As a celebration of sailor knit, the sweater gathers a patchwork of techniques from the diverse world of seafaring. Some are inside-out while others are reinterpreted.

You can knit your very own ‘Caught in the Knit’ by getting the pattern for free. Two hand-knitted sweaters are never identical. And you can make it even more personal by using leftover yarn from old sweaters and knitting in your own name.

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Your family in sailor clothes

Sailor clothing for children became popular in the mid-19th century. As a child, the British Prince Edward was portrayed in a small version of the uniform worn by the sailors on the Royal Ship. The image was spread far and wide, and a children’s fashion that was to last more than 100 years was born.

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