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Welcome to M/S Knowledge Center

Archive, library and photo archive in one

Can’t get enough of maritime history? Visit the Knowledge Center

The majority of the archive is located in a remote storage, so you have to order the documents requested in advance – preferably approximately two weeks in advance.

Most books and records, as well as the latest maritime periodicals, are located in the museum’s Knowledge Center and can be read on site.

You are welcome to bring your own PC for use on site.

In the Knowledge Center there will always be a museum employee present during opening hours ; it will be either archivist Henriette Gavnholdt Jakobsen, curator Benjamin Asmussen, curator Casper Iversen, curator Morten Tinning or curator Thorbjørn Thaarup.

You can also visit our digital photo archive here where more than 50.000 photos are digitalized just be aware that the text is in Danish.

Opening hours

The last Thursday of the month from 11am – 5 pm (except in July and December).

There is free access to the Knowledge Center and the entrance is via the dock.

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