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Join the adventure!

Experience seafaring up close with THE DREAM SHIP – M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark’s 400 m2 maritime play world. Children from 2 to 10 years can play here with each other and together with adults in an adventurous, fantasy play world that conveys the joy of the maritime and the sea through movement, play, stories and crafts.

Children have free entrance to THE DREAM SHIP and rest of the museum.

THE DREAM SHIP is designed by Proudlypresent.

Illustrations by Michael Bo Jensen.



Sing along with the sailor’s karaoke!

Do you like to sing? In our sailor’s karaoke, both children and adults can use their vocal cords for a number of timeless sailor classics. Get the boilers going!

You can also put on the costumes and dress up as a captain, cook or stoker.

Sailor’s workshop

The Sailor’s workshop is temporarily closed.

During weekends and holidays, you can make your own dream ship and dream aquariums – and you’ll get to take your creations home with you. Dream ship captains will help and tell you about the maritime craft.

Open for children up 12 years old in the company of an adult.

Anemometer, telegraph key and foghorn

In our study collection you choose which maritime objects you would like to find out more about. Get a compass, an anemometer, a foghorn and lots of other maritime objects in your hands and find out about how they are used at sea.

Do mermaids exist?

In 2012, a farmer unearths a skeleton whilst ploughing, but it is no ordinary skeleton. The one half looks like a woman and the other like a shark. It is said that it is a mermaid who was about 18 years old when she died. She is 180 cm long from head to tail. The mermaid can be seen in the DREAM SHIP workshop area.



Where to find THE DREAM SHIP?

All roads lead to THE DREAM SHIP! Follow the road around the exhibition until you meet the galaxy figures. To the right of them you will find the museum’s glass bridges and THE DREAM SHIP. You can also walk down the museum’s staircase in the museum shop, and you will reach THE DREAM SHIP. And you can always ask at the entrance.

What does it cost?

The museum and THE DREAM SHIP are free for children. If you want to attend workshops at THE DREAM SHIP , it costs between 45 DKK.

Is THE DREAM SHIP for everybody?

THE DREAM SHIP is for children between the ages of 2 and 10, as well as their parents and grandparents. There will be a lot of intuitive play for the smaller children in THE DREAM SHIP and the board, sailor’s karaoke, study collections and workshops for the slightly bigger children – and the adults.

Can we bring a stroller?

Yes, you may bring the stroller to the museum and at THE DREAM SHIP as long as it does not stand in the way of the other guests.

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