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M/S HARBOR – Summer fun for the entire family

Dingey sailing in the harbor of Elsinore, knot tying in the old dockyard and sailor training for the entire family on a historic lightvessel.

With a summer programme, complete with maritime activities and summer fun, the M/S Maritime Museum will also be present in and on the harbor – outside under blue skies.

We offer our visitors a range of genuine, fun and instructive maritime activities suitable for sailors of all ages. Every Tuesday our Captain will be testing families on the lightvessel in the harbor.  Fridays we offer instructions on how to sail a dingey at sea. If you are more into knots, ropes and mats, you can join our workshop in Hall 16 – in an authentic tar-scented framing – or join our guided tours of the old shipyard.

POP-UP events
During the summer new ships will be coming into port, and you will be able to visit them. Come see the scooner ZAR or sail onboard the veteran steamship S/S BJØRN.

We also offer summer activities beneath sea level. Besides the current exhibition about the Royal Yacht DANNEBROG and the playground area THE DREAMSHIP, children can race in the dry dock or build their own steam wheelers.

There is something going on every day at M/S HARBOR during the summer holidays from 11.30 PM till 6 AM. All activities are free with a ticket to the museum. There is a limited number of participants possible. Sign-up in the museum shop.

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