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Bring the family

The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is also for families with children

Explore THE DREAM SHIP, get tattooed like a real sailor, experience crazy virtual reality and be a cool shipping executive and captain!


Explore the maritime play world with the whole family. Crawl into the engine room and make sure that everything is working. Help the captain load the ship and stay on course. Climb the ship’s stem and look out for sharks and sea monsters – or take a break in the sailor’s hammock.

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Build silly ships

Pirate ship or pearl-studded sails? You decide what your wooden ship should look like when you build it in our sailor’s workshop. And of course, you get to take your ship home with you.

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Get tattooed like a sailor!

Take a seat in the tattoo chair and get a nude woman, a ship or something completely different on your arm! Choose which cool temporary tattoo to get on your arm from our old tattoo books.

Sing along with the sailor’s karaoke

I’m a parrot … Do you like to sing? In our sailor’s karaoke, both children and adults can use their vocal chords for a number of timeless sailor classics. Get the boilers going!

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Captain for a day

Put on the captain’s uniform and toe the line on THE DREAM SHIP and in the workshop. Or dress up as a cook or stoker and lend a hand on the ship.

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Granny knot or reef knot

Know the difference between a granny knot and a reef knot and become an expert in the bowline knot and the sheet bend! I our sailor’s workshop you can learn all the knots a real sailor should know. You can also make cool things out of rope for you, your friend or grandmother.

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Are you a cool merchant?

Equipped with a log book you get to play merchant from the eighteenth century with the mission to sell, buy and sail. Can you make both ends meet and set the smartest course home?

You can also be a cool shipping executive in our shipping game where you have to transport resources between continents and prove that you can navigate the great big oceans.

Crazy virtual reality

Hold your breath! You have put on the virtual reality glasses and are now standing at the bottom of the museum’s dock, which is being filled with water. Come on a crazy tour that shows the museum’s 100-year-old history in just 3 minutes.

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Free admission

Remember that children get free entry to the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.


The museum’s café serves children’s menus and there are high chairs available for the children. Packed lunch can be enjoyed outdoors in the museum’s dock.

Strollers and prams

Strollers and prams are more than welcome at the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. Using the elevators, it is possible to get around the museum and out into the dock with strollers and prams.

Changing facilities and breastfeeding

The little ones are also very welcome at the museum. The M/S Café toilets and the toilets by the entrance have baby changing facilities and breastfeeding is permitted anywhere in the museum.


– Museum visitor



The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark. We focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and dishes with a Nordic twist. We serve, among other food, homemade Danish open-faced sandwiches, vegan dishes, fish cakes and sustainable tinned fish.

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Practical info

Good to know before your visit.

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Experience seafaring up close with DRØMMESKIBET – M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark’s 400 m2 maritime play world.

Children have free entrance to THE DREAM SHIP and rest of the museum.

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