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Permanent exhibition

Time Wreck

A 400 years old shipwreck

At the end of the exhibition the attention will be directed towards the physics of time. Starting with a nearly 400 years old shipwreck, time itself comes into focus. The ship used to sail the seven seas. Later it was used as basis for the construction of a quay. Now it is placed in a museum as a gift from another present than our own. During the centuries, the city above the wreck changed while the time around it stood still. As a visitor you now become part of its continued history.

Time just “is”

We feel that we understand the passage of time – but reality is complex. It feels as if time passes, but some physicists suggest that time just ‘is’ – in the same way that the museum’s room just ‘are’. Maybe time is more a place than it is an event. And in that case we might think that time moves because we ourselves move through that space. At the same time, our understanding of time is deeply influenced by our culture, our personality, and our lives.
But if time doesn’t pass, what is the past, future or present?


-Stephen Hawking, physicis

Sex & the Sea

In the exhibition Sex &The Sea, created by the Dutch multimedia director Saskia Boddeke and the British film director Peter Greenaway, focus is on dreams, longing and the sex lives of sailors.

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THE MAGIC BOX – Shipping, shopping and the global consumer.

How global is your breakfast or the products in your shopping cart? The upcoming exhibition ‘THE MAGIC BOX – Shipping, Shopping and the global consumer’ focuses on the consumer culture and the signifiance of shipping for you and me.

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Our Sailors

Why is there a perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier, old film posters, cigarette packs, toys and a Donald Duck comic at M/S?

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