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permanent exhibition

THE MAGIC BOX – Shipping, shopping and the global consumer. 

Get an insight into today’s shipping and modern consumer culture through movies, themes, installations and interactive games.

‘THE MAGIC BOX – shipping, shopping and the global consumer focuses on today’s shipping and its signifiance for you and me – from ships and logistics in the world’s largest container terminal to the modern consumer and the banana in our shopping cart.

The exhibition is supported by D/S NORDEN // D/S Orients Fond.

Den danske maritime fond

NORDEN Orients Fond

Your shopping basket and the world’s largest container terminal

For this exhibition, which is designed in collaboration with White Noise Agency and Kiss the Frog, interactive games have been developed. These games demonstrate the significance that shipping has on our day-to-day life.

You can, among other things, follow the banana’s, chocolate’s and lamb chop’s road to the dinner table and test how global you are in terms of your shopping habits. Moreover, you can gain an insight into the people responsible for our groceries, clothing and electronic devices that end up in the stores. You can also learn how different modes of transportation influence the environment.

In addition, you can also follow the harbor life, as it plays out day and night, through a visualization of the world’s largest container terminal in Shanghai.

Ships of the future, a week’s consumption of food and banana passport

It is also possible get an insight into the future solutions to climate impacts caused by shipping. Models illustrate the latest technologies and future ships – one of them being battery-powered.

In the exhibition you can also experience several art projects that focus on today’s consumer society. This includes new photographs from Peter Menzel’s photo project ‘Hungry Planet’, which documents families from all over the world and the amount of food they consume in a week.

Follow the banana’s road in the Icelandic art project CARGO by Björn Steinar & Johanna Seelemann. Here the banana is armed with a passport and you can follow its road to the supermarket – or to potential discarding.

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