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Permanent exhibition

Our Sailors

Why is there a perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier, fashion, old film posters, cigarette packs, toys, books and a Donald Duck comic at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark?

The myth about sailors

What they all have in common is that they draw on the many myths that have surrounded sailors since antiquity. Sailors have always fascinated us. Their way of life is so different from those on land that they have generated many of the myths that have become part of our culture. The exhibition focuses on the myths we all cherish about sailors and the qualities we attribute to seamen and sailing. Films, books, comics, adverts and fashion all generate an image of sailors as carefree, brave, masculine, romantic and sexy.

Exciting, dangerous and full of adventure

We’re presented with life at sea as exciting, dangerous and full of adventure, where only men made of the right stuff can tame the raging elements. Theme by theme, the exhibition guides you through a world of film, literature, fashion and toys that all reflect and perpetuate our myths and ideas about the sailor.


-Anacharsis, Scythian philosopher around 600BC.

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