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OCEANISTA – Fashion & the Sea

Sailor collars, stripes and uniforms. Ships, waves and sexy sailors. The sea and seafearing have always been one of fashion’s greatest sources of inspiration. This special chapter in history is the focal point of our exhibition ‘OCEANISTA’.

Through clothing, films, photos and interviews, the exhibition sheds light on how fashion to this day has hailed, borrowed and stolen from the maritime style and culture. Fashion has been used to express patriotism, rebellion and sexuality – and put themes such as gender, identity, climate and sustainability on the political agenda. In the exhibition, we follow the sea and seafaring’s path into highstreet fashion and all the way to the international fashion scene. This is done through a unique collection of both (humble) and unique garments and works of art.

The exhibition features a selection of young designers as well as a large number of the biggest names on the international fashion scene.


Andersen-Andersen / Balmain / Céline Marie Viet Kirkemo / Charlotte McCurdy / Charlotte van Alem / Costo / Craig Green / ECCO X Designskolen Kolding / Eilish Macintosh / Elisa Palomino / Elkjær Strik / Monies / Han Kjøbenhavn / Henrik Vibskov / Iben Høj / Iris van Herpen / Jean Paul Gaultier / Jessica Harrison / Jeppe Juel / Kobi Levi / Kvadrat / Laura Dalgaard / Lynæs Denmark / Maison Margiela / Mads Nørgaard / Magnhild Kennedy / Mette Saabye / Michelle Lyhne / Moncler / Nadin Ram / Nikoline Liv Andersen / Pangaia / Philip Treacy / Pierre et Gilles / Simone Rocha / S.N.S. Herning / Sumiko Iwakiri / Thom Browne / Uniforme Paris

The exhibition is curated by The Maritime Museum of Denmark in collaboration with fashion researcher Maria Mackinney-Valentin. The exhibition scenography was created by award-winning scenographer Julian Juhlin, who has established his name as one of the most innovative artists in the Danish theater world.

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