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Oceans of Freedom – Adventurer Troels Kløvedal and life on the ship Nordkaperen.

Troels Kløvedal was a renowned Danish writer and touring sailor. The exhibition portrays his magical life on the seven seas and his encounters with cultures from all over the world.

‘Oceans of Freedom’ is about travelling and returning home, meeting new and different people with curiosity and trust, loving nature and taking care of oneself against the forces of nature, while constantly developing one’s skills and learning more about the world. This exhibition casts light on some of the most remote regions in the world – from Bali and China to Easter Island – while also portraying Denmark; and Djursland where Troels Kløvedal feels truly at home.

The exhibition is a cooperation between Natural History Museum Aarhus and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.





The exhibtion is supported by Nordea-fonden, TORM Fonden, William Demant Fonden og Statens Kunstfond

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