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Permanent exhibition

In the Shadow of War

During both World Wars, Danish sailors sailed throughout the world. The work was the same as always, but also very different because of the many dangers. Sailing was important, lucrative and dangerous.

The fear and dread

The exhibition ‘In the Shadow of War’ focuses on the fear and dread experienced by Danish seamen sailing as passive participants on the warships of World War I and World War II. The exhibition is shaped like a ship that has hit a mine or been hit by a torpedo. The explosion is frozen, with plates of metal forming a background for the films and exhibits.

Twisted model ships

Model ships seen from twisted angles tell the dramatic stories of seamen and ships being bombed, hit by mines and torpedoed during 11 years of war and violence. The seamen themselves tell their own stories with voices and letters depicting their experience of the period and its horrors.

“Somewhere ahead, a bloody battlefield shall emerge from the deep
They can only wait, on their weaponless watch,
They who stand against the naked, prison grey concrete wall of the wheelhouse,
Or work, enclosed, in the deep shaft of the engine”

-Nordahl Grieg, 1943

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