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BIG dock

‘BIG dock’ is the new permanent exhibition, which gives visitors the opportunity to get close to the star architect Bjarke Ingels’ thoughts, visions and creative process about the creation of the already iconic underground museum building that houses M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.

In the exhibition the story is told by Bjarke Ingels himself – through films, statements, models and one of his favorite media: the comic book. Here he uncovers, among other things, why he deliberately chose to break the competition rules and instead wrap the museum around the dock – and the magic that arises when a historic industrial monument – the dry dock – is revived through modern groundbreaking architecture.

The choice of the area close to Kronborg, the yard and the sea as a location for the new museum turned out to offer enormous technical challenges, which not even BIG could have anticipated. BIG dock therefore gives a unique insight into one of Denmark’s most complicated construction projects so far and the unique engineering solutions that made it possible to realize BIG’s visions.

The exhibition is supported by D/S Orient’s Fond

Norden Orients Fond

Experience 100 years of history in three minutes with our virtual reality glasses!

The fantastic transformation from dry dock to museum can also be experienced through VR glasses, which in a very vivid way visualize the use of the dry dock in the yard’s time, and how the dock is spatially and architecturally experienced today, when the ships are moved indoors at the museum. You enter a virtual universe, which recreates the old dock 1892 and tells the story of the creation of the museum.

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