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Guided tours

Book a guided tour

Get the full experience with a guided tour.

The Maritime Museum of Denmark offers guided tours during and after opening hours. It is also possible to order a guided tour in combination with wine and snacks. Contact booking@mfs.dk for more information.

For schools

We offer guided tours for schools. Contact booking@mfs.dk.


Contact booking@mfs.dk or call us Monday – Friday between 10am – 2pm at +45 49 28 02 14.

If you want a guided tour beyond the opening hours, there is a surcharge of 4,000 DKK + VAT.

Please book your guided tour three weeks ahead of your visit or more.

In the sailor’s footsteps

A culture historical guided tour – in English

Come on a journey through 400 years of rich maritime history. Meet the sailor, the sailor’s wife, the harbour’s colourful characters, the mechanic, the inventor, the navigator, the merchant, the consumer, those who drowned at sea, those who fought at sea and many more. Travel out on the seven seas, to foreign shores with exotic wares, and dive into the many fascinating stories related to the world of shipping.

Max. 30 people. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: DKK 900, in addition to admission price.

  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Price: DKK 900, in addition to admission price. Max 30 people.
  • The first guided tour of the day starts at 9am and the last guided tour of the day starts at 3.30pm.

Practical info

Good to know before your visit.

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The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark.

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