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How to find the maritime Museum of Denmark

Arriving by boat, car, bus or train? Find the Maritime Museum of Denmark



Go by train or bus to Elsinore train station. It’s less than an hour north of Copenhagen.

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If you are driving to the museum by car, you can use Google Maps.

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Sail to the museum and moor in Elsinor Harbour, or take the ferry from Helsingborg in Sweden.

Elsinore Harbour (in Danish)

Scandlines (the ferry from Sweden)

Engineering work on the Coastal Line between Helsingør and Rungsted Kyst

Due to engineering work on the Coastal Line the Danish Railways runs replacement buses between Helsingør and Rungsted Kyst from late in the evening on June 23 to August 6.

Please go to www.journeyplanner.dk for information about departures and arrivals and connections between replacement buses and trains to and from Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen Airport.

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