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Have your conference or meeting at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

The museum offers unique settings for conferences, events and meetings.

The museum has two spectacular conference halls where your guests can enjoy a unique architectural experience in the newly designed building.

All conferences at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark include entrance to the museum’s exhibitions and other facilities.

We have four rooms suitable for conferences and meetings:

  • The Kronborg Bridge has space for 139 seated guests.
  • M/S Café has space for 120 seated guests.
  • The Blue Room has space for 48 seated guests.
  • Globalization has space for 250 seated guests.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about conferences please do not hesitate to contact us at booking@mfs.dk


Whether you are interested in a menu made by a Michelin-starred restaurant, sushi or sandwiches, we can arrange it for your reception, conference, meeting or party.


Meeting (one day) with lunch 525 DKK per person + VAT.
Includes: renting of room, technical equipment and assistance, morning coffee and breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee and cake.


The shop M/S Cargo sells products that challenge all five senses through shapes, colours, smells, sounds, and taste.

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The museum café offers the most beautiful underground view in Denmark.

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Guided tours

Get the full experience – book a guided tour.

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